Michele Taylor, Belfair, WA 

(October 2014)


Ghoul on a stool is cute story that helps to introduce kindness to young children. It is a great way to talk about feelings and to help reiterate the use of good manners. I really like how ghoul on a stool talks about what some would call karma with missing socks. 
This would be a great way for any ECE or early elementary teacher to encourage a lesson on sharing and caring. 

Amanda Berg, Roseville, CA

(November 2014)


A cute little twist for Halloween this year. Ghoul on a stool what a fun way to start the holiday season.

Company Profile

GOS Creations, LLC.


Founded: 2013

GOS Creations LLC 

We are a Veteran Owned, California Based Company. 


Margo Garcia, La Quinta, CA 

(October 2014)


Every now and then a book comes along that really makes a difference, Ghoul on a Stool is one of those books. All my grandchildren really loved when I read them the story. I bought a Ghoul on a Stool for all of my grandchildren.

Ghoul on  a Stool ™


Welcome the Ghoul on a Stool™ into your home to create a new spooky family tradition. 

The Ghoul on a Stool™ is a Halloween story of a mischievous, fun, candy making ghoul who encourages kids to be kind and to do a good deed everyday. We not only want to teach your kids to be good, but to also do good. We hope you enjoy making new family memories with the Ghoul on a Stool™

Our Story

Myra C. Gonzalez, Corpus Christi, TX 

(February 2015)


The weeks approaching Halloween Day on our campus is always energetic. Most our students are distracted by the commotion of preparing for the one night they are allowed to gather up all the candy their bags can hold. Sometimes the excitement causes a few misbehaviours to surface. As an administrator, I am always looking for creative academic ways to reinforce positive school wide behaviors. Ghoul on a Stool is a perfect book to help our students practice positive behaviors in a fun and engaging way. Our Ghoul on a Stool is sure to become a tradition everyone on campus will be excited to share year after year! 

About the Artist

Prosejit Mondal, Hyderbad, India 


Prosen is from Calcutta, India and he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Indian College of Arts and Draftsmanship in 2007. Prosen is the Art Director for GOS Creations. Prosen has completed his second children's book and he is ready to start two other large projects for GOS Creations.